Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Great and Powerful Regional Data Reviewer

All of us have received the dreaded email titled "Question about your Eurasian Kookie Eyed Warbler observation in eBird." I am sure I'm not the only one who scrambles for their Sibley guide when this email rolls in. There aren't many things that are worse than cycling through your photos of that Warbler that you "knew" was a Kookie Eyed and realizing you do not have one single image that shows that little SOB at a decent angle and that isn't not blurry. Next one's mind starts running through possible scenarios:

1. Maybe the song I heard refracted off a beech tree and that made me think it was the Eurasian Kookie?!?!
2. I heard the Kookies were passing through this area maybe it was the American Kookie and not the Eurasian Kookie I saw and I just wanted it to be a Eurasian Kookie!?!
3. Did I just have the world biggest Ornithological brain fart and report I was sure I saw the worlds rarest bird foraging for peanuts at Fenway Park??!

Just when you are about to resign yourself to allowing the Reviewer to mark the dreaded "possible sighting" box(tantamount to kick in the cloaca), you remembered you snapped a photo with you iPhone. Then...GLORY!!! A clear photo of the Eurasian Kookie Eyed Warbler!!!

People "pay no attention to that man behind the curtain." Submit your sighting with certainty!
Oh yeah. Take photos. No one will ever believe you without a photo.

PS: I kid of course. Much respect for those souls who take time to sift through the millions of bits of
data being compiled by we insane Birders. But one request, every once in a while, give us the benefit of the doubt.

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  1. You might just go to birder hell for that comment. Where every sighting will start out as a rare bird and end up being house sparrow...