Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Never Ending Hunt for the Cackling Goose

Yesterday I got word from Travis Mazerall that he had seen a Cackling Goose at Fresh Pond. Long atop my list of "target birds" I headed out this morning to try to track it down. I scoured through about 100 Canada Geese but didn't see any that looked like candidates for Cackling status. I returned around 2:30pm around the time Travis saw it yesterday, again my efforts were futile.

Highlights from my walk around Fresh Pond today were a Lesser Scaup and a host of Spring arrivals such as, Common Grackles, Ring-Neck Ducks, and Red-wing Blackbirds.

I had one interesting Gull. Which as it turns out, is a plain old Herring Gull.
So, I spent my day looking at Herring Gulls and Canada Geese. How exciting.

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