Monday, March 11, 2013

The Birds Return

The birds are starting to return...

OK, not in full force yet, but they are coming. I went over to Mount Auburn Cemetery this weekend hoping to catch an early Yellow-Rump. No luck. Plenty of singing Song Sparrows, Cardinals, Juncos, RWBBs, and squawking Grackles though. I did happen upon a pair of Peregrine Falcon's that appear to be gearing up to nest on the Tufts Medical Building in Watertown. Lucky me, I may have a view of that nest from my living room window(with a scope of course).

Nothing else exciting to report. I tried for the Glaucous Gull that's been seen on Revere Beach with no success. I dropped by Fresh Pond this morning in hope of seeing the Lesser Black-backed Gull and/or the Iceland Gull spotted yesterday by J. Trimble. My streak with Gulls continues as neither were there.  There were four Canvasbacks (3M, 1F) on the east side near the Mobile station.

Canvasback (2M)
Canvasback (2M, 1F)

Common Merganser (F)

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