Sunday, January 27, 2013

Redhead. For Real This Time

OK. So I think that yesterday I succumbed to the dreaded "see what you're told will be there syndrome." I think what I actually saw at Jamaica Pond yesterday was a female Mallard with some plumage variation from the typical. Note the lack of white bars and blue. Hmm...perhaps a female Pintail?? See photo below:

The deceased bird Travis later ID'd as a Redhead may remain a mystery.
Here is another photo of that bird. Note the bill:

Thanks to Karsten Hartel for posting the Redhead sighting at Leverett Pond. I went down this morning and got a clear look at the Redhead along with the immature male Northern Shoveler:

A shot of the Redhead and a Northern Pintail both females:

Another shot of the Pintail

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