Saturday, January 26, 2013

1/26 Summary -UPDATED

Today I did a little whirl-wind birding expedition. I started at Jamaica Pond to see the Redhead and the Northern Shoveler. Saw the Shoveler but missed the Redhead On my way to Deer Island I stopped in the Fenway area to see the Red-headed Woodpecker. What a great bird and unbelievably easy to find(as described by everyone). He was caching acorns in the oaks around the MFA.

Deer Island was quiet on land but the sea was busy. The highlight was the Barrows Goldeneye on the north side near the yellow hydrochloric acid tanks.

I drove up Revere Beach on the way home to look for the Ruddy Turnstone and Purple Sandpiper that had been reported. No luck with those but I was surprised to find three Sanderlings. Strange to see them here in January, no?

Checklist Here
Redhead Pintail- Jamaica Pond

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