Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Life Bird #255: Le Conte's Sparrow

Thanks to Pete Gilmore's report I had the opportunity to see my first Le Conte's Sparrow.
Typically found in the Gulf Coast region this time of year, this guy is way off course. He was feeding on Shadyside Ave in Concord in the small mud/grass median along  plowed up during the Blizzard last weekend. Occasionally mixing with Tree Sparrows and Song Sparrows(who often chased him off) he foraged for what looked like grass seeds.

This bird was unbelievably tame allowing for some fairly decent shots, even with my less than great 55-250mm lens. So tame in fact it was easy to get within 10ft. Good for photos but scary when cars came along. At least 3 came within inches without spooking him.

Great patterning on this little bird and as I've said before, a little flash of yellow this time of year really grabs your attention.

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