Saturday, January 26, 2013

End of the Redhead - CORRECTION

Thanks to Paul Peterson for reviewing these photos. He pointed out that this was likely not the Redhead in question as it was seen at Leverett Pond a short distance away. I guess this is a great example of "seeing what you expect to see." Looking again at my photos I think it was a female Pintail.

Thanks for all the feedback folks!

I was lucky enough to see the Redhead this morning around 7:00 at Jamaica Pond. It was alive and well in a mixed flock of Mallards, Ruddys, Hooded Mergansers, and a lone Northern Shoveler.

Travis Mazerall called to report that he arrived at Jamaica Pond around 10:00 and that the Redhead was dead on the ice. Apparently she had been killed by this Bald Eagle. He killed and ate a Ruddy Duck and then returned for the carcass of the Redhead.

Insert cliche circle of life comment here.

Bald Eagle Feeding (Photo Courtesy of Travis Mazerall)
Redhead Carcass (Photo Courtesy of Travis Mazerall)

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