Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mass Bird 255: Monk Parakeet

A couple of Monk Parakeets(Quaker Parrots) have taken up residence in Allston. They are in the process of building a nest and have made quite a bit of progress in the last 72 hours. It took me three trips to see these guys. Well worth it. I really love this bird. I think because its so fun to see a tropical looking bird in the City: Seemingly out of place but so well adapted. 

The locals tell me that they started building a nest in the same spot last year but abandoned it at some point. A friendly gentleman named Larry showed me a house a block away that has another next in one of the eaves(see photo below). I wonder if this is the successful next from last year? The whole neighborhood seems to know about these two and they are now local celebrities thanks to MassBird and eBird.

Good birding!

Old Nest?

Random Photo of  BCNH

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