Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Life Birds and Life Changes

Since my last post I saw life birds 259: Red-shouldered Hawk, 260: Yellow-throated Warbler, 261: Nothern Rough-winged Swallow, 262: Ovenbird, 263: Orchard Oriole, and 264: Blue-gray Gnatcatcher. That said, its been a bit of a slow Spring for me. As it turns out, having a new baby is hard work and doesn't leave a whole lot of time for chasing birds.
Orlagh and I had our first birding trip together last Saturday and while I loved the bonding time it was difficult to stare into the tree tops with 15lbs strapped to my chest. We didn't see the Kentucky Warbler we were hunting but the weather was gorgeous and Spring has arrived in New England.

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