Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fieldfare and Birding BINGO

Today I tried to locate the Fieldfare that was seen in Carlisle, MA over the last couple of days. Unfortunately, I didn't have any luck. It was the first day of Spring but you wouldn't know it from the snow. Tons of people out there at the Greenough Land. I saw cars with plates from MA, CT, VT, WI, UT, and PA.  It really is a beautiful spot with all the freshly fallen snow.

Fieldfare Searchers in Action 

I did however have a few observations I wanted to share: Like with all "Mega Rare" sightings the Fieldfare stake-out location was filled with hopeful birders. This made it a prime spot for what I like to call "Birding BINGO." Now you're asking yourself, "What's birding BINGO?" Well my fellow ornithologists here is what you're looking for:

  1. "Bird of the Hour" - The bird we're all here for
  2. "Oh Look a Red Bird, Guy" - That guy or gal who is tagging along with their spouse or significant other, looks through the scope and says "Oh look a red bird."
  3. "You Should Have Been Here Yesterday, Guy"- This one speaks for itself and this guy needs a karate chop to the neck. 
  4. "That Bird is Long Gone, Guy" - The perpetual pessimist. Why are you even here buddy?
  5. "Hi I'm So and So, Guy" - I'm all for being friendly but this guy wants everyone to know who he is. Must be some kind of birding celebrity?
  6. "Check Out My Gear, Guy" - This guy wants to show off his gear. He's got the pack, the x1million lens on his $20K camera, two spotting scopes for different distances, and the most expensive bins money can buy. 
  7. "The Leader of the Group" - Self appointed leader who feels it necessary to speak loudly to the group explaining details of the bird, the location, and or etiquette(see below also)
  8. The "You Aren't Following the Rules, Guy" - Often the same guy as #7. I am all for following the rules, but this guy takes it too far. 
Today I would have had BINGO if that Fieldfare had decided to make an appearance.

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