Saturday, February 23, 2013

Parker NWR et al.

Travis and I started the day by swinging through the industrial park at Jonspin Road. The Pine Grosbeaks were a no show which was a disappointment.

Salisbury Beach State Park was the next stop. This was the first visit for us. This place was brimming with birds. Maybe everything was headed into the inlet to avoid heavy seas coming our way with Winter Storm "Q".  The highlight here was some Razor Bills and two friendly Harbor Seas.  I will say I have been led to believe that there are always Crossbills at Salisbury. This is not true. I saw not a one. There were two Great Cormorants. This would have been a life bird for me two weeks ago but it was a life bird for Travis so there was excitement in seeing this bird for both of us. All in all a great visit and some interesting birds.
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The next stop was Parker NWR. This was one of our more disappointing visits. Things were very quiet and most of the Island was closed. We we're tipped off to a Great Horned Owl nesting in the area of Bill Forward Blind. This one was near to impossible to spot so thanks to some helpful fellow birders. I never get tired of seeing those big yellow eyes peering down at you. Jim Berry let us know there was Northern Shrike in there area(a target bird for me) but we couldn't track him down.
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Once we decided to call it a day and had headed out of the park I some how spotted these two Wilson's Snipes at Joppa flats. Travis and I had just been commenting about how we can't wait for the return of the wading birds are these guys show up. Perhaps a sign of things to come??

At the last moment we got word of a Snowy Owl sighting at Nelson's Island in Rowley. We were exhausted but those Snowys seem to cast a spell. We drove down, scoped the area, then drove to Great Neck. No luck.

Not a great day but 46 species is PGNTB(pretty good not too bad).

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