Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gyrfalcon and Pregnancy

Thanks to the MassBird community for hooking me up with directions to see the Gyrfalcon recently spotted in the Hadley/Amherst area. Now that I have the coordinates in my hot little hand I am faced with a dilemma. My lovely wife will be 38 weeks pregnant. For those of you less learned in the ways of human gestation, this means we're 2 weeks from her due date.

So here is the question: Tomorrow, dare I drive 90 mins from my home and hospital to see the elusive Gyrfalcon? To compound the dilemma my dear wife wants to come along! Now the follow-up question: Dare I drive 90 mins, with my pregnant wife, to see the elusive Gyrfalcon?

I always play it safe but recently I've been made aware of this website that tells you, essentially, what the probability is that you'll have your baby today, or tomorrow, or any day in your pregnancy.  The probability that she will give birth tomorrow is 1.6%. I like those odds!

Thank god for the internet. How else would I justify this reckless disregard for my wife and daughter?  Come on guys; this is the kind of story you tell your kids! "Well there was this Gyrfalcon, a 90 min drive to the Berkshires, and an impending snow storm."  This short story practically writes itself! 

more info to come...

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  1. What an engaging writing style! Humor! Drama! And a cliffhanger! So what happened? One of life's (or a birder's) major philosophical dilemmas (did he? didn't he?). Did you leave your wife home with her cellphone at the ready? Did you take her with you? Was the baby born on a pile of pineneedles under a fir tree while scoping the Gyrf??