Saturday, November 24, 2012

Chatfield State Park Birding Walk

On Saturday I participated in a birding walk at Chatfield State Park in Colorado. The tour was led by Joey Kellner who was really great. If you're in the Denver area find walks with Denver Audubon through their website::

We started around 8:00am and the whole family came along with me. I admire their "chutzpah" because the weather was cold, as Colorado often is in November. I joined the walk hoping that a guided walk would help be ID some common western species that I might normally miss.  The park is really fantastic. Lots of varied habitat that I am sure is amazing in the Spring and Summer. This time of year unfortunately things were a little quieter than I would have liked.

We did see some great waterfowl species and six life birds for me. I would say the highlight was a Rusty Blackbird.

Here's hoping I make it back next summer for another Chatfield Visit (despite the dangers!).
Checklist for this Trip

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