Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Colorado Brambling

This year it's our turn to visit the in-laws in Colorado for Thanksgiving. In addition to turkey and Colorado's famous micro-brews I am going to take this opportunity to get some birding in. It's just my luck that a Brambling has been seen in the Denver area. A rare visitor from Eurasia, the Brambling alluded us on the first day. We drove straight from the airport. Of course those who were camped out at Bear Creek State Park told us we had just missed it. I missed the Brambling, broke my camera lens, and didn't see one life bird. Quite the day. 

Lucky for me we went back down two days later and spotted it within the first 15 minutes. Also, I got my first American Dipper as an added bonus. Maybe that was payback for the broken camera lens.  

Checklist for this Trip

This sighting seems a good time to start a blog (I can't believe I am writing that) and allow those who are interested to follow my travels and the birds.  I assume this will be limited to my parents, in-laws, and Chet, but I guess we'll see.
Brambling in Colorado - Photo via Flickr

Brambling Range Map

Steller's Jay - Photo by Devin Hefferon
Western Scrub Jay - Photo by Devin Hefferon

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