Friday, November 14, 2014

St. Thomas, USVI

I had a short trip down to St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands this weekend to help my parents out with their new condo. I have done a fair amount of birding in the Virgin Islands but I have a short list of target birds that I am still missing. Some of these are considered common but I can't ever seem to track them down: Caribbean Elaenia, Puerto Rican Flycatcher, Caribbean Coot, Adelaide's Warbler, Red-tailed Tropicbird, and Brown-throated Parakeet.

I was only able to located the Parakeet on this trip but I had a really fantastic hike along the Magen's Bay Trail. The trail passes through three distinct ecosystems; mixed-dry forest, moist tropical forest, and mangrove swamp.

Highlights other than the Parakeets were Prairie and Hooded Warblers, Wilson's Snipe, Sandwich Terns, and Gray Kingbirds.

Brown-throated Parakeets

Gray Kingbird

Green-throated Carib

Prairie Warbler


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