Saturday, December 29, 2012

Deer Island and North Shore

Travis and I hit the North Shore this morning. We started at Crystal Cove and worked our way out Deer Island. The highlight for me at Crystal Cove was a lone Snow Bunting. I have been hunting this bird all year. Travis quipped, "the next snow bunting you see will be in a group of 50." More on that later...

An incredible number of eiders and scoters (black, surf, and white-winged) at Deer Island. We found a razorbill south of the parking area but other than that the highlights were few.  On the north side of the island we struck gold when Travis spotted an incoming flock of crossbills. Lucky for me it contained both male and female whites and reds (reds are a life bird for me). The last highlight before leaving the Island was a Iceland gull. Trav and I noticed this loner with a mixed flock of herrings, ring-bills, and great black-backed gulls. We were a bit unsure about the ID and would still appreciate input.

We did a quick drive up Revere Beach to Nahant and as if the birds gods had heard him, a flock of 50-100 Snow Buntings flew out of the dune grass.  I guess when it rains it does pour...

Checklist for this trip

Iceland Gull

Red Crossbill

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