Thursday, December 27, 2012

Clay-Colored Sparrow; Ward Pound Ridge, NY

Sneaking in some Christmas birding between obligations I located a Clay-Colored Sparrow along Michigan Road in Ward Pound Ridge Reservation. I first identified it as a CCS but doubted myself (as I often do) after seeing that it was a "Rare" on eBird.  I later confirmed thanks to some helpful folks on the Flickr "Bird Identification Help Group" and this blurry photo. 

This is my second CCS this year and a rare find in Pound Ridge in December. Quite the stocking stuffer. I also logged my first Field Sparrow of which there were hundreds. Fun little birds.
Checklist for this trip

Clay-Colored Sparrow - Photo by Devin Hefferon

Field Sparrow - Photo by Devin Hefferon

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